AH-64 Rollin’ In My 64 - Limited Edition Zip Up Hoody

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“Rollin In My 6-4” is just a gangster saying for a gangster helicopter. We designed this hoody with “Attack” in mind and wanted to pay our respects to one of the best attacks birds out there. 

This zip-up hoody is 53% cotton and 47% polyester    and super comfortable. The white design with the black background makes this the perfect hoody for the Apache.

As a former Warrant Officer in the Army, Army Aviation has a pretty special place in my heart. The Apache was the aircraft I selected to fly once I finished IERW but PTSD took me out before I got in the cockpit. I worked with one of my buddies on the design, constantly getting his input, and not being happy with it until he said “that’s pretty dope...send me the link when it’s live”. Well, it’s live and I hope you think it’s as dope as we do!